Cooking Up Hyperpop in Your DAW: From Samples to Glitch effects

Yo! What's up everyone. Today, we're diving into the glorious mess that is hyperpop. Forget genres, we're talking about bending them all into a sonic smoothie and throwing in some glitchy goodness for extra flavor. Let's break down the elements of a hyperpop beat.

Hyperpop: Candy-Coated Chaos

Remember the late 2010s? Yeah, that's when hyperpop exploded onto the scene, all bubblegum melodies and high-octane energy. It's like someone took EDM, pop, and hip-hop, threw them in a blender with some distortion pedals, and hit puree. We're talking manipulated samples, chopped-up vocals, and a whole lot of autotune. Basically, it's pure, unadulterated fun.

Building a Hyper banger

1. Sample Scouting & Tempo Tweaks:

  • Hyperpop lives between 135 and 170 BPM. Keep it fast, keep it furious.
  • Royalty-free samples are your best friend. There's a whole universe of sonic ingredients waiting to be discovered online.
  • Feeling spicy? Throw in some live guitar. It'll add some grit to your sugary soundscape.

2. Structuring Your Masterpiece:

  • Hyperpop arrangements jump around like a sugar-fueled kid. Start with a stripped-down verse, then BAM! Hit them with a complex, catchy chorus. Breakdowns and drops are your chance to unleash the beast. Think face-melting basslines and glitchy effects that'll warp their reality.

3. Drums & Bass: The Low-End Bangers

  • Hyperpop drums are basically trap on steroids. We're talking about heavy-hitting kicks, distorted hi-hats, and tempos that'll make your brain vibrate at a whole new frequency.
  • The distorted 808 bassline is your foundation. This low-end monster is the pulse that drives the whole track.

4. Textures & Melodies: Get Weird

  • Hyperpop throws the rulebook out the window. Embrace distortion, pitch-shifting, and any other effect you can get your hands on. Mangle those melodies and samples into something beautiful… or beautifully weird.

5. Vocals (Optional): Adding the Human Touch

  • Vocals aren't a must-have, but if you do include them, get ready to process the hell out of them. Pitching, autotune, layering – go wild and create some robotic magic.

6. Seamless Transitions: Keep the Party Flowing

  • Transitions are key in hyperpop. Use drum fills, reversed samples, or pitch tricks to stitch your sections together seamlessly. It's all about keeping the energy high and the listener hooked.

7. Mixing & Mastering: Mastering the Mayhem

  • Hyperpop can be a sonic playground, but a good mix is essential. EQ your sounds like a hawk to avoid muddiness. Compression is your friend here – glue everything together for that pro-sounding finish.

Remember, hyperpop is all about pushing boundaries and having fun. Don't be afraid to experiment, inject your own sound, and create hyperpop beats that'll have everyone moshing. Get weird!

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